Sonny Kim Shotokan Karate

Sensei Sonny Kim was Rokudan, 6th Degree Black Belt. He began his Shotokan Karate training in 1977. Sensei Kim was a dedicated instructor at his dojo, Japanese Karate-Do, and his sole objective was to practice, preserve, and propagate authentic Shotokan Karate. He served as the Official Instructor, Examiner and Judge for the World Traditional Karate Organization (WTKO) in the Mid-America Region. Sensei Kim’s passion was to share his love of karate with his students through personalized, motivating and insightful instruction. His focus was on conveying the importance of details and how they come together to produce powerful techniques and confident students.  Sensei Kim started the Japanese Karate-Do Dojo in December 1996. He also taught at the Williams YMCA and the Madisonville Community Center. For almost 19 years, he ran a karate studio on Montgomery Road in Symmes Township.

Sonny Kim was not only a martial arts instructor, but he was also a Cincinnati Police Officer for 27 years with the Cincinnati police department.  He died on Friday, June 19, 2015 after a confrontation with a suspect.

Sonny Kim was not only a martial arts instructor and police officer, but he was a husband to Jessica and a father to his three sons.

Sensei Kim was an expert Shotokan instructor who was highly respected in the world of karate. He was a highly respected Police officer who served his community with honor. The world lost a great man, a great teacher and a great husband and father.

After the shooting, Captain Jeff Butler, Sonny Kim’s supervisor, spoke briefly about Officer Kim.

“Sonny Kim was the consummate policeman. He cared about what he did. He cared about his people.”

Captain Butler’s words say it all.

Sensei Kim’s Funeral took place at Xavier University Cintas Center on Friday, June 26, 2015 at 11:00am. It was followed by a procession to the Gate of Heaven Cemetery for Sensei’s burial.

Rest In Peace, Sensei Kim.

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