Stephen LaBountyArguably one of the most widely known Kenpoists, there are many in American Kenpo who say that Stephen LaBounty is the true definition of the “Warrior Spirit.” Having initially come to Ed Parker in 1966 with a background in Judo and having a Black Belt under Al and Jim Tracy (only their third), Steve went on to distinguish himself in the Martial Arts, carrying Mr. Parker’s banner wherever he went.

Both a National and International fighting champion, he is widely sought after on the seminar circuit where he is legendary for his “fighting drills”. Stephen LaBounty has spent many years in police work and is active as a Law Enforcement Consultant and trainer. Having reached a level of excellence in the “Yang” side of the martial arts, he spent years pursuing an education related to the opposing “Yin” side, and today, as a practicing Acupuncturist and Herbalist, teaches seminars in bodywork to martial artists.

At times outspoken, Stephen LaBounty is always willing to support events and causes he feels will bring the brotherhood closer, such as the Jeff Speakman International Kenpo Camp or the annual “Gathering of Eagles”, both held in Las Vegas. A friend to many in the Kenpo community he is often sought after for his wisdom and experience and was one of the founding members of the American Kenpo Senior Council.