Steve Demasco had a simple beginning, learning the martial arts in Boston and New York’s Chinatowns, and has since received the honor of Certified Grand Master of the Shaolin Temple. Steve DeMasco has brought the discipline, respect and training of the martial arts into mainstream education.

Steve Demasco has bought his martial arts message to tens of thousands, in over 100 educational institutions, from the East to the deep South. He is one of the most recognized martial artists in the world and one of our Nation’s educational heroes. His enthusiasm and sincerity affects all that see and hear him.


  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Director’s Leadership Award, December 1999
  • Boston Celtic’s “Heroes Among Us” Award, 1999
  • Senatorial Proclamation, State of New Hampshire, 1999
  • Senatorial Proclamation, State of New Hampshire, 2004
  • U. S. Department of Education’s “John Stanford Education Hero” Award, 1998
  • New Haven Public Education Fund’s “Partners in Education”

The holder of a 10th degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo, the President of United Studios of Self-Defense, East Coast and founder of the Kids for Life Foundation, Master Steve DeMasco has profound experience, knowledge and enlightenment in the martial arts. Through training, application and teaching, he has transformed his live and the lives of thousands. The list of accomplishments grows every time another person steps into a USSD studio or a child learns self value and confidence in an inner city program developed by Master Demasco. Here are just a few of the numerous honors he has received in recent years.

  • Certified Grandmaster, Shaolin Temple
  • Ambassador to the United States for China’s Shaolin Temples
  • Tenth Degree Black Belt Shaolin Kempo (30 years)
  • Grandmaster of the Year Award for American Federation
    of Martial Arts Hall of Fame January, 2000
  • Inducted into the International Black Belt Hall of Fame
  • Black Belt Magazine Cover: 1999 and 2002 plus many articles.
  • Inducted into the Eastern Alliance Martial Artist Hall of Fame, 1999
  • Certified Instructor in Northern Preying Mantis
  • Master in Black Tiger Kung Fu (Hark-Fu)
  • Master of Chinese Weapons
  • United States Professional Karate Association Title Holder: Fastest Knockout with a Kick in Full Contact Karate (22.7 seconds)
  • Amateur Boxer – Rocky Marciano Gym, 1968-1971
  • Personal Disciple to Abbot of Shaolin Temple