Veterans Seeking Psychiatric Help

Veterans Seek Help form VA

Here is an excellent question I received about a recent tip, saying that, “A suck it up and drive on” ethos has great survival value in the heat of battle, but it has also kept us from seeking helpful treatment after the battle…”

In response to this, a sheepdog asked, “Colonel…. In the current atmosphere of anti-gun government, many warriors aren’t seeking help because they are afraid of being labeled as having a psychiatric problem and legally prevented from owning guns. I fully support getting help but sadly it often comes with repercussions that aren’t warranted.”

I would say this to all our sheepdogs out there:

This is a good question, but it can be another kind of “pity party.” I do not know of any cases where, when it was all over, veterans’ guns were confiscated because of seeking psychiatric help. With all respect to our good sheepdog who asked this excellent question (I know other people are asking this question), seeking help does NOT “often” come with repercussions. It is incredibly rare that would happen. Indeed, I do not know of a single case where it has happened.

If it DID happen (a veteran having their right to keep and bear arms taken away because of seeking help for their service-related disabilities) it would be a “bridge too far” for the anti-gun forces, and a “call to arms” that would rally a great number of Americans to the support of our veterans. I HAVE heard of a one case where it DID happen, and the political outcry was so great that the gun grabbers immediately backed off, licking their wounds.

Warriors should not be prevented from seeking the help that they need, by some hypothetical possibilities. This is a lot like the sheep saying, “What good does it do to carry a gun? The bad man could come up behind you and shoot you!” The sheep invent weird, convoluted, hypothetical scenarios to paralyze themselves and justify doing nothing. And I believe that this is what is happening with the convoluted scenario in which you will lose your gun rights. And if that DOES happen, then the warrior is ready to use the opportunity to get headlines and fight a battle for what is good and right.

Fighting with a warrior should be like wrestling with a pig: everyone gets dirty. But the pig LIKES it.

Stay staunch, my fellow sheepdogs, and don’t let anyone harm you (and the loved ones who need you) by preventing you from getting the help you need. And believe that the help can help! We are very good at treating PTSD. Medical science moves on, and of course we get better every day at treating PTSD. You should get help, and you should expect that the help can help!

For more information on the battle for our gun rights, I highly recommend Glenn Beck’s new bestselling book, Control. Glenn Beck asked me to co-author this book with him, he mentions me on the title page as a co-author, and this book has a LOT of my work in it. It is my latest book, and I commend it to your attention!

Hunt the wolf! And bring the light to the dark places where others fear to go!

Dave Grossman