The upper triangle of the body consists of the base of the neck, the shoulders and the upper-mid back. If this area is compromised in any way, lacks proper alignment, or sufficient strength, it will be hard to hold yourself up in the octagon if the opponent simply doesn’t want to go to the ground. We’ve see this happen time and time again. The fighter is mostly a ground fighter or grappler so his focus isn’t really on training to stay up on his pins for elongated periods of time. Weakened, he can wind up on the ground in a variety of holds and chokes. What he needs is not only strength, but flexibility so that he can recover from those ground excursions and stay upwards for as long as he needs. Shoulder stretches help create powerful supporting tissues that reduce injuries and cut recovery time; Aligning the neck keeps the upper back stable and helps support the root, necessary for good balance for those long-winded standing fights. Even moving around an opponent, a good fighter will have good balanced mobility! To that end we have:

Combat Triage Triangle Choke Relief:

1. Stand with feet close together: no more than 4 inches apart.
2. Inhale through the nostrils, bringing the arms up overhead until the palms touch and your head is cradled between your upper arms. Your inhalation should last until you reach this point.
3. Exhale.
4. Breathe naturally.
5. Extend your palms upwards, stretching and pulling your spine up to align it.
6. Inhale, exhale as you bend sideways to the left, while keeping your head absolutely cradled. (you can lock y our thumbs together here).
7. Breathe naturally, holding the pose for 30 seconds. (Do not lean forward or let your head slip out from your arms. To avoid misalignment, stop the bend the moment you feel that you are leaning or cannot maintain the head cradle).
8. Inhale, come back up.
9. Exhale, stretch arms outward and downward with tension.
10. Relax. Repeat on the right side. Perform 1 time, each side, per training session. If you make it a point to practice this on your off training days, you will see great results. If you cannot hold for 30 seconds at first, perform 2 more times to make up the 30 second required.

Time Needed To Perform: 1-2 minutes
Best Time To Perform: Prior to groundwork

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