What Does It Mean To Be A Martial Arts Teacher

What does it mean to be a martial arts teacher? I have had 2000 school teachers, can’t remember but 2 or 3. I remember every Black Belt teacher I ever had. Why are martial arts teachers so loved by their students?

A man or woman will have hundreds if not thousands of teachers in their life. Starting with kindergarten, elementary, jr high, and high school, even university teachers. They will have coaches in all different sports, men and women. They will have Sunday School teachers, and preacher/teachers. They will have vocational teachers, social media teachers, TV teachers, and mentors/teachers throughout their entire lives.

But one teacher is loved and revered more than any other…and that is their martial arts teacher.

Update: 05-02-2018: Ted Gambordella felt like it was appropriate to repost this video on Facebook after the passing of Jhoon Rhee and the enormous outpouring of sympathy, support and love for the Father of Taekwondo. thousands of people responded and Ted would venture to say 75% never personally trained with Grand Master Rhee! So why this outpouring of love?

Perhaps this video will help you understand and if you are a martial arts teacher you will realize how important a person you are to the lives of countless students!