Who are the most unhappy people? asks Shihan Mikio Nishiuchi

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Another gem of wisdom from Shihan Nishiuchi

I have had the privilege of being a Kobudo and Iaido student of Shihan Mikio Nishiuchi for nearly 25 years. He comes to my dojo twice a month to work with me and a few of my senior students. Of course we learn some very cool, often overlooked, authentic, old school martial arts from him. But what I enjoy most about training with him is the gems of wisdom that he frequently drops on us.

Yesterday, he began class with this question. “Who are the most unhappy people?”

We all tried to answer as best we could until his response came. “The people that have no appreciation.” What a great reminder! It brought me back to a quote I heard years ago that is attributed to Ben Zoma. “A rich person is one who appreciates all they have.”

Well….I for one am feeling very rich this morning. How about you?