Women’s Survival Course Testimonial For Jim Wagner – German Female Police Officer

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“Anne,” a German female police officer with the Bundespolizei, attended Jim Wagner’s Reality-Based Personal Protection Women’s Survival course in November 2010 and gives her women’s survival course testimonial. Due to her law enforcement sensitive job her face is covered to protect her identity. The course was held in Solingen, Germany. www.jimwagnerrealitybased.com

A German Female Police Officer’s Testimonial For Jim Wagner’s Women’s Survival Course

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Jim Wagner
Jim Wagner is a former United States Army soldier, corrections officer, police officer, S.W.A.T. officer, Dignitary Protection Unit team leader, agent with the United States Federal Air Marshals, and serves as a Reserve solider in a military police unit. Jim Wagner teaches civilian, police, military, corrections, bodyguard, and security courses around the world.