Dane Harden Zazen MeditationOn a cold day, I sat in traditional Seiza doing zazen meditation to calm my body and mind, along with misogi purification, after washing my entire body. My wife occasionally thinks I take this “budo” stuff to some extreme limits…I told her I agree – Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan are extreme limits and these ancient martial disciplines have kept me safe…OSU!

What I’ve come to understand is the healing nature of martial arts. So many of these methods have been lost – as a Doctor at the Veteran’s Administration, I try to help soldiers rediscover Budo…being a veteran of several wars, a flight surgeon and a martial artist is a rather unique way to view what samurai knew in the 13-14th centuries – meditation, focus, exercise, misogi, training and camaraderie are the cure…not a pill or alcohol…it allows an old soldier to be with and enjoy his family and their love is truly healing.

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