2012 London Olympic Judo Results

2012 London Olympic Judo Results

The 2012 London Olympic Judo competition took place at the ExCel in London from Saturday, July 28 through Friday, August 3, 2012.  386 Judoka,  145 women and 221 men (plus 20 open places) competed in 14 different weight classes, 7 divisions for women and 7 divisions for men in the 2012 London Olympics. Each country is limited to one athlete in each event. Below is the medal results for Judo in the 2012 London Olympics:

Men’s Judo Weight Class Winners


Russian Flag Gold Medal – Arsen Galstyan (Russia)

Japanese FlagSilver Meda l- Hiroaki Hiraoka (Japan)

Brazilian FlagBronze Medal – Felipe Kitadai (Brazil)

Uzbekistan FlagBronze Medal – Rishod Sobirov (Uzbekistan)


Georgia FlagGold Medal – Lasha Shavdatuashvili (Georgia)

Hungarian FlagSilver Meda l- Miklos Ungvari (Hungary)

Japanese FlagBronze Medal – Masashi Ebinuma (Japan)

Korean FlagBronze Medal – Cho Jun-Ho (South Korea)


Russian FlagGold Medal – Mansur Isaev (Russia)

Japanese FlagSilver Medal – Riki Nakaya (Japan)

Mongolian FlagBronze Medal – Nyam-Ochir Sainjargal (Mongolia)

French FlagBronze Medal – Ugo Legrand (France)


Korean FlagGold Medal – Kim Jae-Bum (South Korea)

German FlagSilver Medal – Ole Bischof (Germany)

Russian FlagBronze Medal – Ivan Nifontov (Russia)

Canadian FlagBronze Medal – Antoine Valois-Fortier (Canada)


Korean FlagGold Medal – Song Dae-Nam (South Korea)

Cuban FlagSilver Medal – Asley Gonzalez (Cuba)

Greek FlagBronze Medal – Ilias Iliadis (Greece)

Japanese FlagBronze Medal – Masashi Nishiyama (Japan)

+ 100kg

Russian FlagGold Medal – Tagir Khaibulaev (Russia)

Mongolian FlagSilver Medal – Tuvshinbayar Naidan (Mongolia)

German FlagBronze Medal – Dimitri Peters (Germany)

Netherlands FlagBronze Medal – Henk Grol (Netherlands)


French FlagGold Medal – Teddy Riner (France)

Russian FlagSilver Medal – Aleksandr Mikhailine (Russia)

Brazilian FlagBronze Medal – Rafael Silva (Brazil)

German FlagBronze Medal – Andreas Tölzer (Germany)

Women’s Judo Weight Class Winners


Brazilian FlagGold Medal – Sarah Menezes (Brazil)

Romanian FlagSilver Medal – Alina Dumitru (Romania)

Hungarian FlagBronze Medal – Éva Csernoviczki (Hungary)

Belgium FlagBronze Medal – Charline Van Snick (Belgium)


North Korean FlagGold Medal – Kum Ae An (North Korea)

Cuban FlagSilver Medal – Yanet Bermoy (Cuba)

Italian FlagBronze Medal – Rosalba Forciniti (Italy)

French FlagBronze Medal – Priscilla Gneto (France)


Japanese FlagGold Medal – Kaori Matsumoto (Japan)

Romanian Flag Silver Medal – Corina Căprioriu (Romania)

United States FlagBronze Medal – Marti Malloy (United States)

French Flag Bronze Medal – Automne Pavia (France)


Slovenian Flag Gold Medal – Urška Žolnir (Slovenia)

Chinese FlagSilver Medal – Xu Lili (China)

Japanese FlagBronze Medal – Yoshie Ueno (Japan)

French Flag Bronze Medal – Gévrise Émane (France)


French FlagGold Medal – Lucie Decosse (France)

German FlagSilver Medal – Kerstin Thiele (Germany)

Columbia FlagBronze Medal – Yuri Alvear (Columbia)

Netherlands FlagBronze Medal – Edith Bosch (Netherlands)


United States FlagGold Medal – Kayla Harrison (United States)

Great Britain FlagSilver Medal – Gemma Gibbons (Great Britain)

French FlagBronze Medal – Audrey Tcheuméo (France)

Brazilian FlagBronze Medal – Mayra Aguiar (Brazil)


Cuban FlagGold Medal – Idalys Ortíz (Cuba)

Japanese FlagSilver Medal – Mika Sugimoto (Japan)

Great Britain FlagBronze Medal – Karina Bryant (Great Britain)

Chinese FlagBronze Medal – Tong Wen (China)