Arthur Gonzalez Eskrima

Arthur Gonzalez

Master Arthur Gonzalez was the Head Master Instructor for the famed Tenio’s DeCuerdas Eskrima in Stockton, California. Grand Master Arthur Gonzalez continues to strive for the promotion of Tenio’s Decuerdas Eskrima Concepts; which is a complete American-Filipino Martial Art. His Instructors were the late Grandmaster and Professor Gilbert Tenio and the late Chief Master Instructor and Associate Professor John Eliab, who were both members of Jujitsu America.

After receiving his Masters in 1986, he has been teaching, off and on, the Military: Navy Seals, Marines, Army, Border Patrol, Police, Security Guards and Correctional Officers. He has also taught the Mexican Military and established an Assistant Instructor to teach the following programs: a range of varied weapons programs including Knife to Knife Combat, Hand to Knife Combat, Hand to Hand Combat encompassing Dumog and Buno using our Six Key words (Striking, Choking, Locking, Throwing, Sweeping, and Grabbing arts), Sentry Removal, PR­24 and Baton training for basic arrest and prisoner control tactics, Long Gun and Short Gun disarms, Gun Retention, and other subjects. GM Tenio also stressed heavily the Hilot healing art as part of his martial art. Master Gonzalez is presently learning Seifukujitsu with Professor James Muro and has rejoined Jujitsu America, Kilohana, and AJJF.