Chaim Peer

Chaim Pe'er

Lieutenant Colonel (Res) Chaim Peer is the President and founder of the International Kapap Federation. He is recognized internationally as a Soke – founder of the modern Kapap system.

Chaim Peer is the reserve Lieutenant Colonel of the Israeli Special Forces most prestigious military unit called ” Matkal”. He was the instructor of Paratroopers and for Guerilla warfare. He was the Special Forces combat instructor. He is also a graduate of Ranger courses in the United States.

Military Experience:

  • Lieutenant Colonel (Res) in the IDF’s most prestigious special forces unit
  • Special Forces combat instructor
  • Paratrooper and Guerrilla Warfare instructor.
  • Graduate of the U.S. Ranger School
  • Military Survival instructor
  • Hand-to-hand Commando combat instructor

Civilian Experience:

  • Student of Aki Yamazaki Sensei (6th Dan)
  • Student of Anton Gissing Sensei – Holland Judo (4th Dan)
  • Student of Patrick McCarthy Sensei (3rd Dan)
  • Student of Imi Lichtenfeld, founder of Krav Maga
  • Diving Instructor
  • Rappelling Instructor
  • Trained Paramedic