Application 2
Category: General Conditioning: Hips-Shoulders-Neck

Three target areas of stress that I am often asked about are the Hamstrings, Hips and Shoulders. It is by no mistake that many boxers will enter into the ring, step into their corner and start hanging over from the waist to shake out their shoulders. It’s natural.

Your body is always trying to align or repair itself and working with gravity is always better than working against it. I’d love to be able to be in the corner with my favorite fighter the next time he steps into it so that I could help him loosen up for a better fight. Since I can’t do that, I’m just as happy stepping onto the mat here with all of you each week. Let’s take a look at the MMA Standing Pre-Fight Tension Reliever:

1. Stand with your feet no more than a foot apart.
2. Take a deep breath, As you exhale, flex your knees slightly, drop your head onto your chest and let your shoulders follow. Let yourself hang forward from the waist.
3. Take a moment to shake out your shoulders, then let them hang.
4. Make sure you aren’t holding tension in your neck. It should flop back and forth were someone were to tap it lightly.
5. Breathe trying to expand your diaphragm outward. This is going to give you better respiration during the fight.
6. After 1 minute, begin to slowly come to a standing position again, while you uncurl, in by inch. Take a deep breath to finish.

You’ve successfully relaxed and stretched all three tight spots. Go win!

Time Needed To Perform: 2 minutes
Best Time to Perform: Just before a fight, or heavy training.