All fighters like economy of movement. Make something complicated and there goes your reaction time. It’s the same thing with foundational training. As a fighter you need something efficient, effective and easy in order for you to want to add it in to your regiment. This is what I particularly like about my brand of Combat Triage. One single technique may offer multiple facets so that you can quickly enjoy the benefits. The MMA Guard Bridge fits all of the above. You can get into it from the MMA Guard Slant, which really makes a great combination. The MMA Guard Bridge is great for stretching the shoulders, relieving neck stress, strengthening the legs, and really giving relief to the spine, especially if it’s been compressed or bent forward for any undue length of time. Ok, to the mat. The MMA Guard Bridge: Lying on your back, knees bent, feet close to your hips. Grab onto your ankles firmly. Pull on your ankles and lift your hips as high as you can so that your chin is touching your chest. Your shoulders will be pulled backwards and downwards towards your hips. Hold for about 2-3 deep breaths. Release. You won’t need to do this more than once. However, if you feel like another go at will be even better, go ahead. Finish up by bringing your knees up to your chest, relaxing your neck and rocking side to side a few times. Economy of movement!

Best Time To Perform: As a restorative after any forward spine compression or/ Prior to getting on the mat, if your shoulders and lower spine are tight.
Time Needed To Perform: 1 minute.