Don’t Settle Strive

Dave Kovar's Living Lessons

Dave Kovar's Living LessonsAt first glance, “don’t settle strive” could be interpreted to mean …Don’t ever be happy with where you’re at….always want more……get a bigger piece of pie. That’s not really what I’m referring to. When that is our mindset, it is really hard to experience any level of happiness, beyond the occasional, brief thrill of a recent accomplishment.

I believe it’s important to do our best to be happy in our current situation. While at the same time, I believe that is also important to be on the lookout for ways to improve it.

For example:

Don’t settle for mediocre health….Strive towards being vibrantly healthy

Don’t settle for a marginal relationship with your children….Strive to make it great.

Don’t settle for doing an okay job on your next project….Strive to make it something that you are proud of.

Don’t settle with your current level of knowledge and understanding….Strive to learn more and grow more and do more

Don’t settle for…..(well, you get the idea)

So my friends, I have one question for you. Are you settling or are you striving? Remember, don’t settle strive.