Fred Mastro: Kali and Penchak Silat

Fred Mastro is the founder of Mastro Defence System (MDS) and LADYFENSE. He has been training in Kali and Penchak Silat for over 20 years for which he holds a 7th degree ranking. With extensive training in grappling, Fred also holds a 2nd degree brown belt in Braziilan Jiu-Jitsu under Master Flavio Behring.

With over 20 years of experience in private security work and close protection, Fred Mastro has become a defense specialist that has helped him develop and adapt techniques for the everyday-citizen. He has trained armed forces and special units across the world in knife techniques and improvised weaponry as well as empty hand combat.

The Mastro Defence System was created by Fred Mastro and is a world renowned martial arts system that has also been used in such films as “Taken” with Liam Neeson. For the first time in the USA the Mastro Defence System is now represented by Head USA Instructor Sebastien Vandenberghe and Maryland State Representative Brian Stanley.

Fred Mastro has done extensive work in the film industry as a stunt coordinator as well as fight choreographer in projects such as: Taken (2008), Six Bullets (2012), Hostages (2013), The Connection (2014), The Visitors: Bastille Day (2016), Un Petit Boulot, Diamands 13, A Bras Ouverts and many Europeans TV shows. He was Jean-Claude Van Damme‘s body guard and had choreographed many of his fight scenes.

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