Tuhon Gaudiosa Sarno Ruby, daughter of Takyo and Teofilla, was born in Cebu City Philippines. Tuhon attend Columbian College in Alongapo Sambales Philippines. Due to a very hard upbringing and violent rape in the Philippines, young Gaudiosa began studying martial arts so she would never be a victim again. After years of studying different martial arts she came to the United States. She is credited by the Consulate General of the Philippines, Alfredo Lanuza for inroducing, practicing, and establishing the Filipino Martial Arts of COMJUKA in the United States.

Tuhon Gaudiosa Sarno Ruby now resides in El Paso, Texas with her husband Gary Ruby where she founded the COMKUJA-Kali Systems and later established the Filipino Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Tuhon Ruby has a daughter and two sons, Miriam, Aaron and Samuel, respectively, Guro. Sammy is the youngest children and has established himself as an accomplished and proficient practitioner and instructor in COMJUKA-KALI Systems and has earned the title Prince of COMJUKA-KALI Systems under the tutelage of his mother, Tuhon Gaudiosa Ruby.

Tuhon Gaudiosa Sarno Ruby holds ranks in various of martial arts. Tuhon is also an Law Enforcement Instructor and a military hand-to-hand combat instructor. Tuhon Gaudiosa is also active in community events.

Martial Arts Training includes:

  • Comjuka-Kali Systems, El Paso, Texas (Grandmaster & Founder) Oct. 8, 1989
  • Laban Tulisan Kali-Eskrima, Luisiana Laguna, Philippines (Director) Apr. 26, 1992
  • Kung-Fu Wing Chun Style, Athens Greece (Honorary Sifu) Jan. 1992
  • United States Karate Association (Yudansha) Dec. 1991
  • United States Kali Association Incorporated (Director) Sep. 1990
  • Lameco Eskrima International, Manila, Philippines (Master) Oct. 15, 1989
  • Wado Karate School, Angles City, Philippines (Blackbelt 1st Degree) Apr. 1, 1972
  • Kung-Fu/Kuntaw School, Angles City, Philippines (Blackbelt 1st Degree) Mar. 1972
  • Filipino-American Karate School, GoJu-Ryu Do, Angles City, Philippines (Blackbelt 1st Degree) Sep. 12, 1970
  • Comjuka School, Angles City, Philippines (Blackbelt 1st Degree) Oct. 30, 1970

Law Enforcement Self Defense Training includes:

  • United States Kali Association Inc. Law Enforcement Self Defense Tactics Division (Director) Sep. 1990 to Present
  • Police Tactics Instructors of America (Southwest Regional Director) June 1994
  • International Police Strategic Defense Training Force (Instructor) May 1992
  • USKA Law Enforcement International (Registered Instructor) 1988 – 1989

Martial Arts Titles & Inductions Awarded include:

  • United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame (Most Distinguished Female Grandmaster) – 2007
  • El Paso Proclamation Declaring 17 June as Dr Gaudiosa Ruby Day – 2003
  • Hawaiian Martial Arts International Society – 2003
  • Member of World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Board of Directors – 1995
  • World Martial Arts Hall of Fame (Grandmaster of the Year) – 1995
  • World Martial Arts Hall of Fame (Diamond Lifetime Achievement Award) – 1994
  • World Martial Arts Hall of Fame ((Ph.D. World Certified Instructor Certificate) – 1994
  • El Paso Boxing-Karate Hall of Fame of Texas (Inductee) – Aug. 1993
  • Queen of Filipino Martial Arts — Awarded Aug. 26, 1989 by Grandmaster Leo T. Gaje Jr. who is a Member of the Blackbelt Hall of Fame and President of Pekiti-Tirsia International and a member of the National Kali Association of the Philippines).