Haiku for Miyamoto Musashi

Haiku for Miyamoto Musashi

Dedicated to the Book of Five Rings

one hundred haiku

Musashi your voice is mine

I am your wisdom

In this brief volume I have created a series of haiku in classical 5,7,5 meter to celebrate our most profound father and master, Miyamoto Musashi. The inordinate influence of who many consider to be kensei, the sword saint, he uniquely taught us with firm intention in his mind and endeavor the manners, methods and morés that all of humanity should strive to live by.

For whatever reason I interpreted The Book of Five Rings at that point in my life, 1992, is moot. At that time I had studied martial arts for well over thirty-five years along with various translations and interpretations of the work, and I found them lacking a certain spirit. Taking my life experiences in the military, the martial arts, and the other disciplines I pursued, I instinctively and intuitively knew that I had a responsibility to do so. And, so I did.

Savor these haiku. They are dedicated to our Father’s legacy. You know who are his sons and daughters.



flame burns bright and soft

be a cauldron from within

ashes float away


escape when you must

reform your burning desire

wounded wolves may heal


burning passion feeds

desire to win flames burn bright

or think of moonbeams