Virginia native, James Herndon, is Hachidan 8th Dan, and a gifted Grand Master of the martial arts. He has practiced Japanese martial arts for more than 40 years. His teacher was Soke Shogo Kuniba, who founded the Seishin Kai Martial Arts Organization. Mr. Kuniba died in 1992.

Hanshi James Herndon is the Founder of the Kensei-Kai / Tsuru-Ha Karate & Kobudo Style. A Shito-Ryu martial arts system influenced by Soke Kuniba. James Herndon has authored numerous articles on the martial arts.

Dr. James Herndon has an M.A. Degree from Pepperdine University, professionally training in human resources management, and has a ph.D in industrial/organizational psychology from Old Dominion University, and an Ed.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Sarasota. He has earned five diplomas in areas of Board Certification, including Police Psychology, Forensic Examination, Psychological Assessment, Evaluation and Testing. He has presented and or published more than 200 papers and articles.

James Herndon is a USAF Vietnam-era veteran.

In his spare time, James Herndon is a serious genealogist and family history researcher.