Khadi Ba Karim is “Combat Triage” and she shares real defense conditioning for cage fighters, boxers and more.

For the better part of a year, I’ve had the pleasure and honor to be able to write for the MMA Fight Council, a prestigious organization dedicated to everything MMA and For the past twenty years, I’ve been an avid martial artist, studying, teaching and sharing my knowledge. For more than forty years, I have dedicated my life to the study and practice of Yoga in all forms, both for sports and therapy. Then, a decade ago, with a passion for the MMA fighters I watched during the evolution of cage fighting, shoot fighting, and the UFC, I began studying what worked best for Mixed Martial Arts, teaching it to students who were endeavoring to become fighters through Brazilian Jiujitsu and general mixed martial arts training.

Combat Triage is a composition, a selection from the body of my knowledge that seems to best compliment the repetitive sports injuries, flexibility and minor problems encountered by these new age gladiators with whom I’ve had the pleasure to share the mat.

Khadi Ba Karim
The First Lady of Combat Triage
“Self-care is the first line of self-defense”