Koo Self Defense

Koo Self Defense

Koo Self Defense was developed in Cartersville, Georgia, USA by Master Roger Koo in 1992 following 20+ years of traditional Martial Arts training (32 years to date). Through his many years of training since the age of fifteen, Master Koo discovered that most of the techniques he had been taught and sought to perfect were not practical and did not translate into real life situations. All martial arts find their roots in other martial arts styles. Koo Self Defense is no exception.

Master Koo while in his search for a progressive and practical martial arts found Choi Kwang Do but after only a short time found it to be very limited. It, like other martial arts styles emphasized on one look for all students rather than one that fits each. He found that all martial arts systems tried to duplicate the movements of its founder which severely limited individual achievement. He abandoned this antiquated approach and developed a revolutionary, progressive and more importantly realistic and varied methods of training and drills for his students.

While others sought to adopt from other styles, Master Roger Koo eliminated all traditional techniques which found no real translation into real self defense situations. Koo Self Defense is leading the way in the much needed evolution of martial arts and self defense

Philosophy of Koo Self Defense

The philosophy of Koo Self Defense is to allow any individual to achieve his or her maximum potential (and beyond) regardless of age, sex, physical ability, disability or level of fitness from our total body cardiovascular workout program that promotes health, fitness and devastating hitting power. Whatever area of our training one’s wants to focus on, one’s potential can be realized and contrary to all other martial arts system it does not take a lifetime of training to achieve!

What makes Koo Self Defense Different from other types of martial arts and self defense training?

Unlike other martial arts training, Koo Self Defense reinforces natural and instinctual movements for conditioned responses to ‘real life street situations’ while maximizing your cardiovascular conditioning. and producing awesome hitting power often surpassing that of ‘professional boxers’ and kick boxers. KSD training focuses on individual development rather than competition. KSD offers the ultimate cardiovascular workout program that will challenge everyone from beginners to Olympic athletes. No other exercise training program comes close. You decide the level of fitness you desire.