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Martial Arts Blogging creates attention and can help you attract more traffic to your martial arts web site and more students to your school.

Imagine you’ve been walking in the woods for hours; you’ve long-since drained your canteen, and you’re thirsty. You see a puddle of stagnant water just a few feet from your path. It appears to be four inches deep. Mosquitos and gnats buzz above it. They land on the puddle’s surface, and take off again.

But off in the distance you hear the rush of a river. Fresh flowing water, moving so fast it foams white with spray. The rocks in the river look clean enough to eat from. Life in the river thrives; the grass, the fish, the water itself. Clean and clear, all of them.

From which body of water would you rather bend down to drink?

Stagnancy kills. Movement refreshes. It’s a biological principle, and it’s the reason you’ll choose to drink from the rushing river instead of the stagnant puddle every time. It’s also why winning armies in history moved. General George S. Patton, America’s most successful, and undefeated, military leader, abhorred the idea of “digging in.”

“You keep moving and the enemy cannot hit you. When you dig a foxhole, you dig your grave.”
— General George S. Patton

And it’s why a business needs to keep growing in order to survive. If you run a dojo you have to keep growing. Students leave for an endless list of life changing reasons. Even if your dojo and students are “one big happy family,” people still move away for career reasons, higher education, or other life-changing events.

From what I’ve seen as an online writer and editor at, and in my Martial Arts Blogging business, a blog creates that fresh influx of attention your business needs to enroll new students into your dojo. This is how you win ground like an army on the march; your blog posts advance into the public’s eye, they capture the attention of more and more people in your community, and they win their hearts and minds.

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“We have been a client for over 6 months and our website traffic has skyrocketed. The blog posts are bringing more people to our website than ever before. Community awareness of our dojo has grown, and our existing students are engaged in our motivational messages even when they are not attending class. We’ve never had this kind of reach before.”
Master Pedro Xavier, Owner, Randolph Martial Arts
and Boston Tae Kwon Do, Randolph, MA

“It’s been a simple formula for success. Each time Brian uploads a blog post, we share it on Facebook and our students and their friends flock to our website. We see the traffic spike. It’s great because the blog is one of the few things we have that give people a reason to keep going back to our web page where they see our class offerings and contact forms.”
Master Ernie Thivierge, Owner, America’s Best Defense, Raynham, MA

“Each week I look forward to the new blog posts that Brian writes for The Training Edge. They aren’t dry announcements about “school news and events.” Instead they are entertaining; sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are inspirational and motivational, but in every case they relate to the martial arts lifestyle of continuous self-improvement. I have shared many of the blog posts to my friends on social media.”
Jeff Smith, student, The Training Edge, Buffalo, NY Area