Michael MunyonMr. Michael Munyon has trained in numerous martial arts such as Tang Soo Do, Shotokan, Wing Chun, Chinese and American Kenpo, Kali Escrima, Hapkido, and ITF Tae Kwon Do.

Mr. Michael Munyon carries a 6th Dan in TaeKwon-Do and a 4th Dan in HapKiDo.

Mr. Michael Munyon began his martial arts training in 1979. He has trained in numerous arts including Tang Soo Do (Instructors: Andy Phillips and Master Choi Ki Un), Shotokan , Wing Chun (Sifu Sam Chan), Chinese (Sifu Jan Marcus) and American Kenpo (Mr. Scott Gordon), Kali Escrima, Hapkido (Grand Master J.R. West) International TaeKwon-Do Federation (ITF) Tae Kwon Do (Master Robert N.Wheatley) and Krav Maga (Jon Pascal). Also has minor introduction to Shorin-ji Kempo (Sensei Jon Fukashima), Jow-Gar (Sifu Sam Chan), Air Force Security Forces Defensive Tactics (Which consists of ASP and O.C. certification) and Tactical Hand-Cuffing by the Nevada P.O.S.T. for Correctional Officers. Mr. Munyon is originally from the state of Michigan.

Additionally, Mr. Munyon (A.K.A. MSgt Munyon) was enlisted in the United States Air Force, where he was a member of the Air Force Security Forces. He has retired from the Air Force and now resides and teaches martial arts full-time in Oscoda, Michigan.

Mr. Michael Munyon has been in numerous newspapers in Kuwait, South Korea, Montana, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, and California for his contributions to the martial arts and his community. Also, Mr. Munyon has been in Sports Karate International Magazine (Issue #51 in 1995) numerous issues of Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine and Totally Taekwon-Do Magazine. The Armed Forces Radio/Television Network conducted a story on Mr. Munyon for all his work he’s done for the military and for his position as the Armed Forces Director for the United States International TaeKwon-Do Federation (US-ITF). Also appears on Mr. Stace Sanchez’s Kickpics web site (www.kickpics.net).

Michael Munyon

In 1996, Mr. Michael Munyon received his “A” rated Instructor and Umpire/Referee certification from the USA-Korean Karate Association. Selected as the Michigan State Representative for the USA-KKA in 1996-1997. Selected once again as the Nevada State Representative in 1998-1999. While stationed at Kunsan Air Base in South Korea, Mr. Munyon was appointed by Master Robert Wheatley, President of the United States International Tae Kwon Do Federation as the Armed Forces Director for the USITF. Due to his affiliation and training, Mr. Munyon can issue worldwide recognized rank through the United States International Tae Kwon Do Federation/International Tae Kwon Do Federation. Mr. Munyon has also completed several International Instructor’s Courses hosted by Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, President of the International Tae Kwon Do Federation and the son of the founder of Tae Kwon Do, General Choi Hong Hi.

Teaching Experience:

  • 1988 Appointed as an Assistant Instructor at Wurtsmith AFB Pre-Teen Center, Oscoda, Michigan
  • 1992 Appointed Assistant Instructor at Malmstrom AFB Youth Center, Great Falls, Montana
  • 1995 Senior Instructor at the Jade Dragon Karate Academy, Great Falls, Montana
  • 1996 USA-Korean Karate Association State Representative and Examiner for the State of Michigan
  • 1997 USA-Korean Karate Association Chief Instructor/State Representative at the Munyon’s TaeKwon Do Academy, Carson City, Nevada
  • 1999 Chief Instructor Martin’s TaeKwon Do Academy, Lompoc, California
  • 2000 Senior Instructor at the Wheatley’s TaeKwon Do Academy, Lompoc, California
  • 2001 Started the first TaeKwon Do Academy at Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kingdom of Kuwait during OPERATION SOUTHERN WATCH
  • 2002 Chief Instructor at the Munyon’s TaeKwon Do Academy, Gunsan City, South Korea, Kunsan Air Base
  • 2003 Conducted numerous Ho Sin Sul workshops at Ali Al Salem Air Base during OPERATIONS ENDURING AND IRAQI FREEDOM
  • 2003 to current Private lessons to numerous black belts on the Mississippi Gulf Coast
  • 2004 Conducts the first ever TaeKwon-Do P.T. program at Keesler Air Force Base (Free of Charge) to members of the 81 Training Wing.
  • 2004 Munyon’s TaeKwon Do Academy, Keesler AFB, MS
  • 2004 Appointed Keesler Air Force Base Security Forces Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • 2005 Conducted Rifle Fighting Seminars, Keesler AFB, MS
  • 2007 Operated the Ali Base Korean Martial Arts program, Muscle Beach Gym, Iraq
  • 2008-Present Teaches the 55th Security Forces Squadron members HapKiDo, Taekwon-Do and Krav Maga

Michael MunyonTaeKwon Do Black Belt Rank Dates:

  • First Degree Black Belt was awarded in the spring of 1988 at Hoffman Moo Duk Kwan Institutes.
  • Second Degree Black Belt was awarded on 26 May 1994 From the Hae San Martial Arts Association (Black Belt ID number AP6580)
  • Third Degree Black Belt was awarded on 3 August 1996 by the USA-Korean Karate Association (MT0896TO1BB-JDKA)
  • Fourth Degree Black Belt was awarded on 19 May 2000 by the USTF/ITF (A-4-369).
  • Fifth Degree Black Belt was awarded on 24 July 2004 by the USITF/ITF (USA-5-1016)

Hapkido Black Belt Rank Dates:
First Degree Black Belt (H-1712) was awarded in Feb 2007 by Grand Master J.R.West, President of the United States Korean Martial Arts Federation and the USA Director for the Korea Kido Assoc (Dae Han KiDo Hwe).

ITF Seminars Mr. Munyon attended:

  • 2007 Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha and Grand Master Hwang Kwang Sung seminar, Crestview, FL
  • 2007 Master Robert N. Wheatley/Master Trevor Nicholls Master Class Seminar, Reno, NV
  • 2006 Grand Master Hwang Fundamentals Seminar, Crestview, FL
  • 2006 Master Robert N. Wheatley’s US ITF Summer Camp, Reno, NV
  • 2006 Master Class Seminar with Master Robert N. Wheatley and Master Trevor Nicholls, Norristown, PA
  • 2006 Master Class with Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa, Pleasanton, CA
    2005 Master Robert N. Wheatley’s US ITF Summer Camp, Reno, NV
  • 2005 International Instructor’s Course / TaeKwon Do 50th Anniversary Celebration held in Atlantic City, NJ
  • 2004 Master Robert N. Wheatley’s US ITF Summer Camp, Reno, NV
  • 2004 International Instructor’s Course held in Houston, TX
  • 2004 Mike Morningstar Fundamental Training Seminar in NJ
  • 2003 Master Wheatley Breaking Seminar in Lompoc, CA
  • 2000 Master Choi Jung Hwa Reunion Seminar hosted by Master Wheatley in Reno, NV
  • 1999 Master Wheatley Fundamental Seminar in Lompoc, CA

Other Seminars include:

  • 2008 USKMAF Annual Martial Arts Seminar, Jackson, MS
  • 2007 USKMAF Annual Korean Martial Arts seminar, Jackson, MS
  • 2007 Dr. He Young Kimm’s Yudo/Judo seminar taught annually at G.M. J.R. West’s dojang, Jackson, MS.
  • 2006 Ground Fight Seminar, Jackson, MS
  • 2006 Law Enforcement H2H Seminar, Jackson, MS
  • 2006 USKMAF 24th International Seminar, Jackson, MS
  • 2005 Dr. He Young Kimm/Grand Master West, Hapkido, Yudo and Judo Seminar
  • 2004 Dr. He Young Kimm/Master West Hapkido, Yudo and Judo Seminar
  • 2004 Master Troy Smith’s Hapkido Seminar
  • 2004 Master Jack Hogan’s Pressure Point Seminar
  • 1996 USA-KKA Empire Course
  • 1996 USA-KKA Instructor’s Course
  • 1996 USA-KKA Business Seminar/School Charter

Current Affiliations:

  • International TaeKwon Do Federation (www.itf-administration.com)
  • United States Korean Martial Arts Federation (www.hapkido.com)

Past Affiliations:

  • United States-International Taekwon-Do Federation
  • United States TaeKwon Do Federation
  • USA-Korean Karate Association
  • World Tang Soo Do Federation
  • Hae San Martial Arts Association
  • Montana Kenpo/Kung Fu Society
  • Kenpo 2000 Family

Honorary Affiliations:
Independent Freestyle TaeKwon Do Institutes

Current Instructors of Mr. Munyon:
Grand Master J R West

Michael Munyon

Other Achievements:
Mr. Michael Munyon competed in numerous martial art tournaments throughout Michigan, Montana, California, and Mississippi and won literally dozens of trophies and medals for his skills.

During Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, Mr. Michael Munyon taught (free of charge) martial arts to the troops at Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait, Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia and Ali Base, Iraq. Mr. Munyon received a letter of appreciation from the Services Commander for all of his volunteer work and assisting the military to stay mentally and physically prepared for war. Mr. Munyon received the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal for teaching martial arts to military members all over the U.S.A. and overseas. To qualify for this award you must have a minimum of 500 hours of volunteer work. Mr. Michael Munyon doubled that time. He was hand selected as the 81st Security Forces Defensive Tactics Instructor along with teaching members of the 81st Training Wing Rifle Fighting unit during their Pre-deployment training. On August 8, 2009, Master Michael Munyon was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame.

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