n Mind Gym, noted sports psychology consultant Gary Mack explains how your mind influences your performance on the field or on the court as much as your physical skill does, if not more so. Through 40 accessible lessons and inspirational anecdotes from prominent athletes – many of whom he has worked with – you will learn the same techniques and exercises Mack uses to help elite athletes build mental “muscle.” Mind Gym will give you the “head edge” over the competition.

Gary Mack is recognized as one of America’s best sports psychologists. He has worked with teams including the Seattle Mariners, Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury, Chicago Cubs, Arizona Cardinals, and athletes such as Alex Rodriguez. Aside from having been an incredible sports psychology professional Mack went on to write a best selling book with David Casstevens, called Mind Gym: An Athlete’s Guide to Inner Excellence. His powerful messages were sent through this book which received praise from not only some of our world’s elite athletes, but from coaches, teachers, students, etc. Although a book focused on athletics, the ideas Mack attempts to convey are applicable to many aspects of our daily lives. Also dedicated to the world of music Mack began helping ASU music students achieve success by applying the same ideologies he preached to athletes. Mack died from coronary heart disease on October 7, 2002 at the age of 58.