Muay Thai Boran: The Martial Art of Thailand

Muay Thai Boran The Martial Art of Thailand

Muay Thai Boran The Martial Art of Thailand is the work of Marco De Cesaris and it deserves your attention! Read through its pages and enjoy the explanations and conclusions that the author offers from an infinity of trips to the Far East, countless hours of training in that scorching, humid heat, and unending searches, misunderstandings and disappointments. Where others have failed, Arjan De Cesaris has succeeded as he has reach that elusive goal that few ever reach, an understanding of the true “spirit” of Muay Thai.

The amazing book, Muay Thai Boran The Martial Art of Thailand, brings the Muay Thai techniques detailing everything from footwork to drills, training exercises, kicks, elbows and hands knees and everything else that have made this one of the most feared arts ever. You will learn more about the Art of Kings and the history of this beautiful and respectful martial art that many consider to be the most deadly of all martial art. Taught by Arjan Marco De Cesaris one of the leading exponents outside Thailand.

Chapter listing:

  • A trip to the re-discovery of Muay
  • Prolog
  • General Kwang Robcop, honorary president of AITMA
  • Arjarn Channarong Suhongsa, president of AITMA
  • Grand master Woody speaks to us about Muay Boran
  • Interview with Grand master Paosawath
  • Historical analysis of the development of Muay Thai
  • Muay Boran in the world: a current analysis
  • What is the secret behind powerful muay thai kicks?
  • Looking for traditional thai techniques of hand to hand combat
  • Tiip Trong: Direct kick of Muay Thai
  • Thai boxing for cross training
  • Secrets of traditional Muay Boran footwork
  • Mysterious techniques of the Muay Boran white monkey
  • Cross fighting: Future of combat is here
  • Muay Kaard Chiek: Thai bare knuckle fighting
  • Kon Muay Kee: Muay Boran
  • Mae Mai and Look Mai Muay Thai: Secret forms of Muay Boran
  • Importance of the low kicks in defense
  • Lethal art of body strikes
  • That army close combat
  • Correct use of the paos in the impact training of Muay Thai
  • Kai Muay and intensive training in Muay Thai
  • Power Muay Thai: Training for Vale Tudo
  • Grand master of Muay Chaiya, Keat Sriyabhaya
  • Muay Thai legends: Diesel Noi, the knees that made holes in the sky
  • Muay Thai training methods
  • Mae Mai forms
  • Muay Kart Chiek Combat: Between modern sport and martial tradition
  • Imba Muay Kard Chiek fighting: Basic fighting combinations

Advanced Muay Thai Boran By Marco De Cesaris

Muay Thai Advanced Boran: The Fighting Art Of Kings

Muay Thai Advanced Boran taught by world re-known expert Arjan Marco De Cesaris one of the worlds top fighters and instructors of this the art of Kings. You will learn all the advanced techniques like flying elbows, flying knees, trapping, lethal hand foot combinations and much much more. Learn how to transform your hands and feet into lethal weapons by using the various equipment that is standard to Muay Thai training like the heavy bag.