The Sub-Arts Guide Book

Theories on the Sub-Arts of Karate, Tuidi-jutsu (Grab Hand Art) & Kyusho-jutsu (Vital Points Art)

The Sub-Arts Guide Book

The Sub-Arts Guide Book by Luis Morales. This book covers theories of old style Karate. Pressure points charts, and sciences. The section on Kata alone is worth the cost. A must have! If you have ever trained with or attended one of his seminars then you know the information in this book is going to be much sought after. $29.95

Mr. Luis Morales embodies the “Soul of bushido” in capturing the
true essence of Okinawan Martial Arts.
Dr. Tetsuhiro Hokama, PhD.
President – International Kenshi-kai Organization

Understanding the “Old” before developing the “New”
is what Morales Sensei Urges us to do.
Dr. Juan Otero Jr., Sensei
Clinical Psychologist/Master Instructor

Kyoshi Luis Morales’ Guidebook is the perfect supplemental text for the martial artist regardless of style or years of experience. He has captured the essential material necessary to make any martial art more effective. His presentation is direct, concise and easy to understand. . We of the Dragon Society are extremely proud to have him as one of our Certified Instructors. ~ Grandmaster Rick Moneymaker

One definition of the word ‘foreword” is an introduction. Introduction is defined in part as “the preliminary section of a book, usually explaining or defining the subject matter” but it also means, ‘to bring into knowledge or fashion.” Sensei Morales has written a text that I am pleased to help bring into knowledge or fashion since he explains the subject matter.

Kyoshi Morales describes this work as a guidebook or manual to serve as technical support to the martial artist. I am sure this work will serve that purpose well but I believe it will serve a deeper purpose. I believe the true value of this information to be the insights, comments, and genuine commitment Sensei Morales has for teaching and learning the “old ways” of Okinawan martial arts.

This manual brings together essential elements of our arts like the Quadrant Theory, Yin & Yang Theory, Five Element Theory, meridian descriptions and pressure point locations and explanations. You will also find the true value of kata described as well as training methods and philosophy. But wait! That is not all. There is also a thread for how one should live and the ethics incumbent upon those who wish to really follow the path of the “old ways.” These concepts are the piece de resistances that are summarized in the explanations of nine Okinawan phrases that are obviously important to Sensei Morales. After you read them, they should also become important to you.

I am certain Grandmaster Hokama will be very proud of your efforts in relaying your thoughts and ideas to the martial arts world. I know I am.
Namaste, ~ Grandmaster Tom Muncy , Dragon Society International

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