NeoFight is back, stronger than ever, with NeoFight 13! It will be held on Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 7:00 pm at Di Nozze Convention Center in Seoul.

GM Scott Seo, the founder and a Hapkido Grandmaster, has spent years on making it’s return something not to be missed! The collection of talent, both in and out of the ring, is something that will keep Koreans and the expat community alike riveted to their seats!

This set of MMA bouts will feature some of the top talent from Korea, Japan and China. The emotions will be running high as every punch, kick, throw and fall rock the event hall.

The main event is Kwang-Hee Lee vs Yuta Nakamura (154 lbs. category).

The main cards consist of:

  • Kang-Joo Choi vs Eun-Suk Park lbs/65 kg
  • Young-Ook Lee vs. Jae-Uk Myung154 lbs/ 70 kg
  • Min-Gun Kim vs. Min-Hyung Kim 154 lbs/ 70 kg
  • Sang-Hyun Park vs. Suh-Dae Kang 154 lbs/ 70 kg
  • Sung-Hwan Cho vs. Soo-Hwan Oh 154 lbs/ 70 kg
  • Bo Hyun Park vs. Su-Yoon Jung 154 lbs./ 70 kg (exclusive Women’s Division match)
  • Jun-Young Hong vs. Jian Kai Chee 145 lbs/ 66 kg (Special Match)

This is only the beginning GM Seo said about the return of his federation. He plans to look much further abroad to diversify the talent showcased in his newly resurrected fight extravaganza!

Tickets are selling fast!

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And the Stadium Shook! NeoFight Returned with NeoFight 13

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