Neutralizing The Committed Edged Weapons Attack

Neutralizing The Committed Edged Weapons Attack

This interactive training session is written and designed for operators who are in the face of life threatening situations on a daily basis or those that find the need to be prepared for these situations. This session is targeted to what happens on the streets with an edged weapons attack from an attacker who is committed, has a volatile temper and great intent.

In any area of life that we plan to gain functional skill we must execute three key basic points.

1. Know what your up against.
2. Have some way to measure your progress.
3. Find what works and build on that skill set.

We found that after years of experience with Military, Law Enforcement and street combatives, there is a generally held belief that a person armed with a knife is less dangerous than a person armed with a firearm. Unfortunately until the operator is properly trained, experiences first hand or has a partner or team member wounded or killed by a knife attacker does this belief change.

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