Peichin Takahara: Ch’uan Fa

Peichin Takahara

Peichin Takahara was born in 1683 in Akata Cho, a small section of the city of Shuri, Okinawa in the Ryūkyū Kingdom. He was an early practitioner of karate and is known as a great warrior. He is attributed to having been the first to explain the aspects or principles of the dō or “way”.

These principles are:

  1. ijō, the way-compassion, humility, and love.
  2. katsu, the laws-complete understanding of all techniques and forms of karate, and
  3. fo dedication-the seriousness of karate that must be understood not only in practice, but in actual combat.

The collective translation is: “One’s duty to himself and his fellow man.” He was the first teacher of Sakukawa “Tode” Kanga who was to become known as the “father of Okinawan karate”.

Peichin Takahara died in 1760.