Sport Karate World Champion Joe Lewi
Written in Memory of Sport Karate World Champion Joe Lewis R.I.P.

My Blue Belt Test
At today’s test for my Blue Belt, we were introduced to Sport Karate point fighting and let me tell you it is different than anything we have done in class up to this point. First of all, it is about Ippon, one technique knock-out or symbolizing a knock-down or knock-out punch or kick to a legal target area. It’s cool!! The only part I didn’t like is that we had to wear hand pads and foot pads and headgear and mouth pieces and groin cups, way too much stuff! One of my friends told me about a karate competition where there is knock-outs and where they use one punch ippon. He said there was different circuits where you can win trophies and awards. That is way cool! I might like this challenge!!!

Gary Lee as a Black Belt
Gary Lee as a Black Belt

My first tournament is in two months after my next test. I will train for this and be prepared. I’m kinda nervous about doing this karate stuff in public, but my Sensei says competition is good, even if it really is only 1% real Karate. Always remember that, he said. So another door has opened, oh . . .

One other thing I learned at my Blue Belt test today, I learned the word “Oss”. It means respect and acknowledges someone’s attitude toward you. You say it not because Sensei tells you to say it, but because you have earned the privilege to say it among your fellow warriors and peers. This is loyalty, this is trust, this is acknowledgement, Oss.

My First Sport Karate Tournament
This day is very exciting to say the least. There are hundreds of people watching me perform and lots of pressure to represent my school well, and to show honor to my Sensei, because it is Tanaka Sensei who got me here, now, I perform for him, my Sensei.

I have told no one my thoughts but this is what my hearts says:

I have trained hard for this, thousands of punches on the Makiwara, hundreds of kicks, take downs, sweeps, and follow up. I am defensive ready.
I can be offensive too, back fist, reverse punch, spin back kick. I own them.

Sensei has taught me to have confidence in my technique, pure PMA, live for the ippon.

I learned that if you are going to do sport karate, do the best you can and go to win. I also learned to have fun!

I got disqualified for excessive contact, reverse punch to the body, he could not continue and the judges said it was excessive with no control, Oss.

Sorry, Tanaka Sensei please forgive me…

Oss… Protecting Our History, One Warrior At A Time…