Roger Agbulos started his training in 1990 under Punong Guro Edgar Sulite, founder and chief instructor of Lameco Eskrima International. He was one of Edgar’s senior students in the backyard group in Los Angeles, California. When Edgar passed away in 1997, Roger decided to pursue Lameco’s primary arts, the Kali Ilustrisimo and the original De Campo Eskrima 1-2-3. At one point, he came under the tutelage of both Grandmaster Rey Galang and Grandmaster Christopher Ricketts of the Bakbakan Kali Ilustrisimo organization and later continued to work with Grandmaster Ireneo “Eric” Olavides of

De Campo Eskrima, JDC-IO.
Through the years, and with constant exposure to many different FMA’s, Roger has come to formulate some combat truths of his own. One is that unlike other FMA systems that emphasize short or middle range combat, his focus is on long-range weapons combat that does not generally focus on blocking an opponent’s attack; and the live hand rarely is used to disrupt one. Non-telegraphic striking can itself be a form of blocking. The concept is to preempt an attack with another attack. His style emphasizes controlling long-range encounters with broken, flowing or combination strikes, thrown from all angles, in small numbers.

Roger Agbulos currently teaches at Jon Felperin’s studio – The Center of Law Enforcement and Security Training in Northridge, California, as head instructor for impact and edge weapons under the Filipino Combat Arts program. The center also offers Boxing, Hapkido, Aikido, bodyguard courses, baton training (and certification) and many other combat oriented systems. Call Jon Felperin at 818-407-0121 or call Roger at 818-425-8861, or email: Roger is also active in the seminar circuit with fellow Bakbakan stalwarts Rey Galang, Christopher Ricketts, John Jacobo and Jay de Leon.

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