Master Robin Taberna Sr. has been a martial arts instructor from 1971 to present and is a Vietnam veteran. He is a 5th degree black belt in tae kwon do and professor 7th dan in go shin jitsu-kai. Over the past 30 years he has been actively involved in the martial arts at every level. He is a renowned martial arts teacher, educator, tournament producer, civic leader, public speaker and trainer of world karate champions.

Master Robin Taberna Sr. received his Black Belt in 1968. He is a Master Instructor of Jae Sio Kwon (Korea).


  • Son Won Tree
  • Norman Wong
  • Leo Fong
  • Prof. Wally Jay
  • Prof. Art Diocson
  • Eric Lee


  • Black Belt Hall of Fame (IMACF) 1992
  • Voted Best Instructor 1992
  • Voted Best Official 1992
  • Black Belt Forms Champion 1993
  • Black Belt Forms Champion 1994
  • Masters Hall of Fame 2003
  • Forms Champion at Numerous Tournaments Including:
  • Ed Parker’s International Karate Championships
  • Don (The Dragon’s) Hollywood Classics
  • Las Vegas Internationals and Others
  • President and Founder of The Golden State Karate Association


Master Robin Taberna, Sr. has been a volunteer martial arts instructor at the Manteca Boys and Girls Club  since 1982. He taught over 5,000 youths through the program at no cost.

  • 1987 United States Volunteer Appreciation Award from President Ronald Regan
  • 1995 United States Outstanding Volunteer Appreciation Award from President Bill Clinton
  • 1995 Started The Golden State Karate Association Tournament Circuit. A Non-Profit Organization with Proceeds Benefiting the Manteca Boys and Girls Club
  • 1996 City Of Manteca Hall of Fame for Athletics
  • 1997 15 Year Volunteer Service Award from the Boys and Girls Club of America.
  • 2000 Voted Into the Golden State Karate Association’s Black Belt Hall of Fame.
  • 2002 Volunteer Award for 20 Years of Service to the Youth of Manteca
  • 2002 Inducted Into the Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame
  • 2003 Inducted Into the “Masters Hall of Fame”
  • 2003 Masters Hall of Fame Humanitarian Award
  • 2004 Masters Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2004 Inducted Into the World Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame
  • 2004 Inducted Into the International Karate and Kickboxing Hall of Fame
  • 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award by Grand Master Leo Fong