Joseph B. Walker, a retired police lieutenant is also known as Joey Walker, the karate champion and martial arts instructor. In his book, Shots Fired, he delivers techniques and tactics to help you survive an active shooter.

It’s a scene that’s becoming more frequent: Someone walks into work, a nightclub or other public place, and they are suddenly confronted with an armed assailant spraying bullets.

Police officers train for such things, but they’ll take at least a few minutes to arrive on the scene—and what you do in the interim could help you save yourself, loved ones, and even strangers from harm.

The BIDEN Gun Plan Expose

Shots Fired is Joseph B. Walker’s survival guidebook. Step into the mind of active shooters and learn how to take proactive and reactive measures depending on the situation you are in. Find out how to:

  • Recognize motivations for violent encounters;
  • Evaluate effective active shooter/assailant training;
  • Use practical, easy and effective tactics during and active shooter/assailant event; and
  • Disarm and disable an active shooter/assailant.

If you’re truly concerned about reducing the threat, death toll, and casualty rates of an active shooter/assailant, then this book is for you. Whether you’re a concerned parent, executive at a large company, a custodian at a school or a bouncer at a nightclub, you’d be smart to learn the survival techniques in Shots Fired.
Leading Edge Threat Mitigation

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