The Frank Dux Story

Frank Dux

What can we say about Frank Dux? The hilarious videos below discuss the training and background of Frank Dux including his military career, the Kumite, the movie Bloodsport and more.

The Frank Dux Story – Chapter One: Training and Background

The Frank Dux Story – Chapter Two: Fake Military Career

The BIDEN Gun Plan Expose

The Frank Dux Story – Chapter Three: The Kumite

The Frank Dux Story – Chapter Four: Bloodsport and Rise to “Fame”

The Frank Dux Story – Chapter Five: Analysis

Frank Dux’s Kumite Was Impossible

Frank Dux: The TRUE Story of Bloodsport

Frank Dux “Bloodsport” Kumite Highlight Video Fraud

The fighter in the video below is a French martial artist by the name of Phillipe Cadoret who practices the art of Iron Hand Kung Fu. These fights took place in Taiwan in 1986. Phillipe Cadoret contacted Frank Dux and asked him to remove all the videos.

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