The martial arts itself has perhaps the largest following in the world. Primarily from its foundational base in Asia, the martial arts has spread across the globe with millions upon millions studying the arts at least some time in their life.

Over the past 150 years, many people have made a tremendous impact on the arts here in America. Of course we have our historical figures such as Ark Y. Wong, Ed Parker and more who have become icons for their many outstanding accomplishments. However, there are so many others have who have made monumental achievements in the arts; Individuals that have contributed greatly to the martial arts and have made an impact in their own community that have not yet been recognized for their leadership.

This is why the Martial Arts History Museum is proud to announce THE MUSEUM HONOR AWARDS. “We felt that we need to pay honor and tribute to those key individuals that have excelled above and beyond all expectations and have perpetuated the martial arts in a positive ways,” states Museum president Michael Matsuda.

“I have always felt strongly that people should be recognized for their amazing accomplishments and launching THE MUSEUM HONOR AWARDS is something that is very special,” adds Matsuda.

The Museum’s plan is to celebrate a select group of individuals who have contributed greatly to the arts through their own practice or through their deeds. Being recognized by the world’s first Martial Arts History Museum is indeed a great honor.

The award ceremony takes place near the Museum in the city of Burbank. It is a formal affair and interviews will take place with every artist before the event. The honorees will not only receive an Honor Award, but they will each receive a beautiful, large certificate especially designed by Ed Parker Jr. Their name and photo will appear on a display at the Museum for one year and will also be included in the Museum’s Annual Honor Awards Book.

Obviously, the Museum doesn’t know everyone in the martial arts; therefore, we are reaching out to you, the community, to help us by nominating someone deserving of this Honor.

“I’m asking for your assistance in nominating someone you feel has made an impact on the martial arts for the past year or as part of their lifetime. Select people who have changed your life, inspired you or has made monumental strides in the arts,” says Matsuda. “A Museum brings validity to the arts, it brings recognition and let’s society know that we are not just a footnote in someone’s life story. The martial arts plays a huge role in history and having a Museum honor someone for their excellence in the arts is something that is very unique and memorable.”

The honoree must be able to attend the event to be featured and listed. The Museum will not mail awards to an individual. Ticket information can be found at Martial Arts History Museum. Note: if an individual being honored signs up five people on their behalf, their ticket is provided free of charge.

Nominating someone to be celebrated at the Museum must consider the following steps or consideration.


In order to be considered for this, the individual must have made an impact in the following:
Have excelled in the martial arts for this past year

– Made an impact in the martial arts community through their practice,
teaching or other forms of perpetuating the martial arts including the media, OR

Had a meaningful contribution in your life or your community
directly or indirectly through the martial arts


STEP 1: Email you selection to

STEP 2: You must include the NAME and EMAIL of the nominee so that we can contact them

STEP 3: The “reason” you feel they should be honored. Please limit the reason to around 200 words.

DEADLINE Nominations must be submitted by TBA for 2016. The Museum Honor Awards Ceremony will take place in Burbank, CA. We will contact the honoree as soon as possible of their nomination.

Martial Arts History Museum Honor Award PDF