White Crane Style Kung Fu Training

Tony Sandoval & Ron Shively

To my knowledge, this text is among the first of its kind to formally document the Fukien
White Crane system of Shaolin Kung-Fu. Fukien White Crane is possibly “the” grandfather
system to almost every style of martial arts that were ever created in Asia. And, it was the
primary method from which both traditional and modern karate – martial arts developed.
However, while Fukien White Crane is a style of Chinese martial arts with strong links to Fukien Southern Shaolin, it is actually much older than the Shaolin and/or Kung-Fu systems.

  • The White Crane Style was old in Asia long before Tamo brought Zen Buddhism from India to China around 520 A.D.
  • The White Crane Style can be traced back to the Middle East, possibly to the time of the ancient Sumerians and the days of the Tower of Babel.

Unfortunately, this can only be done by way of oral traditions, as there are few written records that exist from that time. Unfortunately, oral traditions cannot be verified past 300 years.

Many other books, martial arts magazine articles, as well as conversations and training
with high ranking martial arts instructors have led me to the conclusion that there still existed an original White Crane system that was expertly concealed or hidden from the public eye. As I continued my research I was quick to find out that most of my ideas and opinions concerning the White Crane style/system were correct.

  • The White Crane Style was and is one of the original systems of martial arts to have fathered the many different offshoots that are the different styles of martial arts today.
  • The White Crane Style exists in some portion (such as in a kata, a drill, etc.) in almost every traditional style of martial arts (pre-World War II), as well as an actual organized style of martial arts.

It is my intention to document as much of the White Crane Style as is possible.

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