Willem De Thouars Kun Tao Silat

Willem de ThouarsGuro Willem de Thouars created the martial arts system of Kun Tao / Silat de Thouras after a lifetime of study of Chinese and Indonesian fighting styles. In over 50 years of practice Willem de Thouars, known as Uncle Bill, has carefully studied a dozen forms of Chinese Kun Tao and some 50 styles of Indonesian Silat, as well as numerous other martial and combative arts to synthesize his unique blend.

Practiced by both beginners and seasoned players, Kun Tao / Silat de Thouars enjoys wide popularity in both Americas and Europe. Utilizing aspects of both external and internal arts this system employs a type of body mechanics that is at once both practical and elegant. Though Indo-Chinese in flavor, the self defense aspects are not limited to the martial arts of the East. Mr. de Thouars has studied and employs both western boxing principles and classic fencing techniques. Additionally, he is known to flavor his teaching with concepts from sources as diverse as Jujitsu, Okinawate and Kempo.