Wrap Up Extension Cords, Ropes or CablesNever fight with tangled cables again! The best way in the world to wrap up extension cords is by using the basic or advanced daisy chain method. Both of these methods are shown in the video. If you have a short extension cord or climbing rope, then you want to use the basic method. If you have a long (50′ plus) extension cord, then you want to use the advanced method. Learning how to wrap extension cords and memorizing the best way roll up extension cords is a skill that you will use forever. This video shows you the easiest (and prettiest) way to store your cables and ropes. I promise you, after learning this method, you will never go back to the old way of throwing extension cables in a big pile and then taking 10 minutes to untangle them. Never untangle another extension cord!

One more tip: You don’t have to unwrap the entire extension cord. Instead you just pull out the amount of cable that you want to use, make a slip knot at that point and then plug in those two ends. When it is time to put it away, undo the slip knot, finish the daisy chain looping sequence, and then add one more slip knot. This way you didn’t need to tie the entire daisy chain and also your cords didn’t get tangled in the process.

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