Antony Cummins Ninjutsu

Antony Cummins

Antony Cummins Ninjutsu Historian

Antony Cummins MA was born in Lancashire, England. He attended Victoria University in Manchester, England, where he received a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology and a Masters Degree in Archaeology. Antony Cummins is a published author, historian, artist, illustrator and TV co-host. He has lived in Japan, where he searched for the hidden history of the ninja and interviewed some of the most prominent figures in ninja history. Antony Cummins also lived with the Tonga people of Ghana, Africa to establish a correct chronology and proven historical culture for the tribe as part of the Archaeological team under Professor T. Insoll. He sailed the Tall Ship Royalist as Bosun for the Sea Cadet Corps of Britain, including in the 2008 Tall Ships Race.

Antony Cummins currently lives between England and Japan and is in the process of translating a myriad of Japanese manuals with his co-author Yoshie Minami.