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Danny Lane
Danny Lane has been one of the most sought after seminar Instructors in the world because of his dynamic and unique integration of martial arts, police, military, body guarding and personal protection blend of styles. Danny is a 9th Degree Black Belt Grand Master with 49 years of experience.

Spy Combatives Self-defense System Invades the Martial Arts World

The Spy Combatives self-defense system was created by former government operatives, Jason Hanson and Danny Lane. Spy Combatives are a compilation of military, law...

Hyung: The Hidden Secrets of Tae Kwon Do

Many black belts and students of Tae Kwon Do don’t realize the devastating self-defense applications that are hidden within every hyung (forms) taught in...

Danny Lane – Tang Soo Do

Danny Lane has been one of the most sought after Instructors in the World the past 40 years because of his Dynamic and Unique...