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Jason Armstrong
Jason Armstrong has competed in a full contact mixed martial art event inside Japan and paid his way through college by working as a bouncer in the 2nd half of the 1980s. Today, he cross-trains with BJJ once a week to explore karate theories and the MMA world and has authored 4 books on karate, including a novel textbook on evidence based practice (EBP) for martial arts, Fighting Statistics & Karate Technique Selection & Medical Outcomes.

Sports Karate and Traditional Fighting

Sports karate and traditional fighting – is your Dojo’s curriculum working these synergistically? Why each evolved the way they did and why analysis makes...

Jason Armstrong Karate

Dr Jason Armstrong has worked at Corporate CEO levels in Japan, the USA and Australia. He lived with a karate master in Japan and...

Karate In Japan From A Westerner’s Perspective

What is it like to test for a belt in Japan as a Westerner? Or to live with a Master? This article will try...