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Carlos de Leon - Mo'o Dragon SystemProfessor Carlos de Leon Hachidan 9th Degree Black Belt in Kempo with the Title of Elder Grand Master of the Arts under the World Professional Black Belt Martial Art Organization and the title of Hanshi under Kempo International Organization. Professor de Leon also holds the title of Kumu Lua 7th degree Black Belt Hiku Kekele’ele’ele Kapena (Captain) in Hawaiian Lua, Sigung in Wing Chun Gung Fu, Guro in the art Arnis-Kali (Philippine Stickfighting), and Professor de Leon is the Founder of Mo’o Dragon System.

Professor Carlos de Leon started his Martial Arts training at the age of 4. His first Black Belt in the Art of Kempo under his father which is the foundation of Professor de Leon’s Martial Arts training.

Professor Carlos de Leon has also trained in Hawaiian Kempo since 1978, and in Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing and combative empty hand and weapons training in the Guatemalan Army. Professor de Leon competed in Central and South American international tournaments where he was notorious for his kicks and speed. In 1992 Professor Carlos competed with the Guatemalan Army martial arts team and obtained first place as a team and first place as an individual. In 1993 Professor de Leon moved to the United States to the San Francisco Bay area and trained in Shorinji Ryu Sato Ninjitsu, Shaolin Kempo 1993 to present, Wing chun Gung Fu 1994 to present, Kali arnis de mano (Kombatan) 1996 to present, And Hawaiian Lua 1998 to present. Professor de Leon continues to study the Philippino martial arts under Grand Master Ernesto Presas, and Hawaiian Lua under Grand Master Olohe Solomon Kaihiwalu. Professor de Leon has been teaching in the United States for the past 16 years.

Professor Carlos de Leon is the founder of the MO’O Dragon Halau O de Leon / Lua Halau O kaihewalu. Professor Carlos de Leon is the founder of MO’O Dragon System (The Hidden Arts).

Professor Carlos de Leon was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame in July 2002 and August 2007. This honor is a reflection of his dedication and life commitment to the Martial Arts.

The Academy of Martial Arts currently has 3 locations, 1 in Martinez, California, 1 in South of California and 1 in Arizona. As part of our dedication to the community we offer classes in MO’O Dragon system as well in the individual systems of Hawaiian Lua, Kempo karate, Wing Chun Gung Fu, and Arnis_Kali Philippino stickfighting.

Professor Carlos de Leon is available for classes in the San Francisco Bay Area, along with his assistant instructors Renshi Bernard Lapointe Godan 5th degree black belt, Renshi Matt Nocerino Godan 5th degree black belt, Master Jason Kohn Yodan 4th degree black belt, Master Giorgio Famiglietti Yodan 4th degree black belt, Sensei Mark Cox Sandan 3rd degree Black Belt, Sensei Christina Blohm Sandan 3rd degree Black Belt, Sensei Chris Delgado Nidan 2nd degree black belt, Sensei Joi Delgado Shodan 1st degree Black Belt.

Professor Carlos de Leon has a Master Degree in Business Administration “M.B.A.” and a Masters Degree in Information Technology, as well as a PhD. in Cyber Security.

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