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Carlos de Leon
Carlos de Leon

Professor Carlos Deleon with over 41 years of martial arts experience, holds the titles of Kumu Lua Mekia Alihikaua Umi 10th degree under the Lua Halau O Kaihewalu (Hawaiian Lua Martial Arts), Kudan 9th degree Hanshi under Kempo International Organization, Lakan Siyam 9th degree Grandmaster under the Modern Arnis Kombatan Presas System (Filipino Stick-Knife Fighting), Tai Sigung 8th degree in Wing Chun Gung Fu, with the title of Elder Grand Master under the World Professional Black Belt Martial Art Organization, and Juichidan 11th Degree Black Belt founder of MO’O Lua System with the title of Sho Dai Soke (Founder) under the Sokeship Council Seishinryoku Kai W.S.C.S.K. Sho Dai Soke Deleon was also recognized as a Soke by the World Headmasters Sokeship Council.

Professor de Leon has also trained in Hawaiian Kenpo since 1979, and in Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing and combative empty hand and weapons training in the Guatemalan Army. Professor de Leon competed in Central and South American international tournaments where he was notorious for his kicks and speed. In 1992 Professor Carlos competed with the Guatemalan Army martial arts team and obtained a first place as a team and first place as an individual. In 1993 Professor de Leon moved to the United States to the San Francisco Bay area and trained in Kempo 1993 to present, WingChun Gung Fu 1996 to present, Shorinji Ryu Sato Ninjitsu 1996-1998, Kali Arnis de mano (Kombatan) 1999 to present, And Hawaiian Lua 1999 to present. Kumu Lua Alihikaua de Leon was a direct student of Hawaiian Lua Grandmaster Olohe Solomon Kaihiwalu. Professor de Leon has been teaching in the United States for the past 28 years. Professor Carlos de Leon is the founder of the MO’O Dragon Halau O de Leon / Lua Halau O kaihewalu.Sho Dai Soke Carlos de Leon Inductions and Recognitions: 

  • Masters Hall of Fame 2002 Humanitarian Award 
  • Masters Hall of Fame 2007 Silver Life Achievement Award 
  • USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2009 Original founder of the Art Award “Kaiso.”
  • Who is Who in the Martial Arts (Featured in the Book “Changing Lives Series” 2021 VOL. 6)    

The Mo’o Lua Halau O de Leon /Lua Halau O kaihewalu currently has Black belt Instructors in 5 locations, 1 in Martinez California, 2 in Concord California, 1 in Los Angeles California and 1 in Temecula California. As part of our dedication to the community, we offer classes in MO’O Dragon system as well in the individual systems of Hawaiian Lua, Kempo karate, Wing Chun Gung Fu, and Arnis_Kali Philippino stickfighting, MMA and Kobudo.

Professor de Leon is available for classes in California, and around the world. His black belt students: Kyoshi Bernard Lapointe Hachidan 8th degree black belt; Kyoshi Matt Nocerino Hachidan 8th degree black belt; Renshi Jason Kohn Rokudan 6th degree black belt; Renshi Mark Cox Rokudan 6th degree black belt; Renshi Chris Delgado Rokudan 6th degree black belt; Renshi Giorgio Famiglietti Rokudan 6th degree black belt; Master Dave Bernhardt 4th degree black belt; Sensei Richard Bigham 4th degree black belt; Sensei Christina Blohm Sandan 4th degree black belt are also available for private instruction.

Professor Carlos de Leon has a Bachelor’s degree in Leadership Organizational Studies, a Master’s degree in Information Technology & Information Assurance, a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, a Ph.D. in Martial Arts Philosophy & Science, and a Doctorate in Business Administration with a dissertation in Cyber Security and Policy in the Department of Defense.

Professor Deleon’s Friends, Teachers, and Mentors in the Martial Arts

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Late Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu – Hawaiian Lua
Late Professor Wally Jay – Small Circle Jujitsu
Late Godfather Ming Lum
Late Kumu Lua Jason McNeeley
Late Grand Tuhon Max Pallen
Late Sijo Emperado – Kajukenbo
Grand Master Richard Nunez – Lima Lama
Grand Master Ernesto Presas – Kombatan
GM Bob Machmeier – Kajukenbo
Professor – Kumu Lua Mike Whittle
Professor – Kumu Lua James Muro
 Professor – Kumu Lua Hans Ingebretsen
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Sensei Ken Svain – Kempo
Master Adrian De Silva – Kempo
Hanshi Jose Hernandez – Kenpo
GM Erick Schumann – American Kenpo
Professor Kumu Lua Matt Nocerino
Professor Kumu Lua Bernard Lapointe
Renshi Jason Kohn
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Renshi Giorgio Famiglietti
Master Cristina Blohm
Master Richard Bigham
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