David Nelson, Sensei began his martial path in the great north woods of Wisconsin in 1969 studying Goshindo Karate with Paul Dean, Shihan. Over the years he has studied a variety of traditional, and not-so traditional martial, meditative, and healing arts. Holding a doctorate in Natural Health, he is the author of Black Belt Healing: A Martial Artist’s Guide to Injury Recovery and Pain Management published through Tuttle Publishing.
Using his Dharma name of Shinzen, he has also authored two books of poetry: Bushido: Verses of Consideration-Journey to the Interior of a Warrior’s Spirit and Strong Coffee, Burnt Toast: Awkward Poetry of a Lost Monk. He received the precepts in Soto Zen under the tutelage of Nonin Chowaney, Heartland Temple in Omaha, Nebraska in 1994.

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