Fred Degerberg Martial Arts and Weapons Expert

Fred DegerbergFred Degerberg is a mainstay in the world of martial arts. He is president of Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts & Fitness, Inc. and owns and operates one of the largest (13,000 square feet), most versatile, best-equipped Martial Arts schools in the world, rated #1 in the U.S. for five years.

He has been an advisor to corporate, movie, TV, photo, police, and security groups. He is an author, Pocket ABCs of Self Defense and Self Defense and Safety Tips.
The son of a wrestler and the grandson of a boxer, Fred Degerberg grew up learning to combine fighting techniques. He has over 50 years experience (as instructor and trainer) in the following martial arts:

  • Karate
  • Boxing
  • Kali
  • Escrima
  • Arnis
  • Ninjitsu
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Kung Fu
  • Aikido
  • Tai Chi
  • French Savate
  • Jeet Kune Do
  • Penjak Silat
  • Wrestling
  • Full Contact Karate
  • Judo
  • Bando

Fred DegerbergHe is also a weapons expert in the following: swords, knives, nunchaku, shuriekens, sticks, baton, ax, whips, chains, and balisongs.

Fred Degerberg Rankings, Titles, and Awards

  • 2006 Degerberg Academy of Martial Arts is awarded “Best Overall School of the Year” at the First Annual Black Belt Magazine Industry Awards
  • 2005 Shaolin Kung Fu World Martial Arts Federation Karate 10th Degree Grandmaster
  • 2005 Illinois Shaolin Karate and Kung Fu Association 10th Degree Grandmaster
  • 2005 Gangi’s Kung Fu Systems Black Belt, Grandmaster 10th Dan
  • 2002 December 14, Inducted into the Executive Board of Bushi-Ban International
  • 2000 Midwest “Sankofa” Humanitarian Award, presented by Master Preston Baker, 8th Dan
  • 1998 Martial Artist of the Year – Martial Arts Karate Association, presented by Grandmaster Jimmy Jones
  • 1997+98 Chuck Norris Award – Kick Drugs Out of America
  • 1997 Resolution by the City Council – Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley
  • 1996 Jun Head Delegate W.E.K.A.F. World Championships IV in Los Angeles, California, USA
  • 1996 Apr Promoted and Hosted National Stickfighting Championships for W.E.K.A.F.
  • 1996 Apr Black Belt Level I #25 under Gene LaBelle World GRAPPLING Federation
  • 1996 W.E.K.A.F. Judges Referee Clinic
  • 1995 Oct United States Karate Team Assistant Coach – Greece/Mediterranean Championship
  • 1995 Aug 5th Degree Black Belt DOCE PARES under G. Canette and Dong Cuestra
  • 1995 May US JUDO Association Certified Rank Examiner
  • 1995 6th Level Black Belt – American BANDO Association by Dr. U Maung Gyi
  • 1994 Our Motivator Award – Chicago Stunt Team
  • 8th Degree Black Belt American KENPO Karate, promoted by John McSweeney, 10th Degree
  • 1994 8th Degree Black Belt BUSHIDO Karate Society, promoted by Robert Beal, 10th Degree
  • 1994 Martial Art Ambassador by U.S.M.A.A. in Bermuda
  • 1992 Martial Arts Legends Award – Chinese Kuosho Federation of America
  • 1992 Marksman Rank – by John McSweeney
  • 1990 Martial Artist of the Decade – US Martial Arts Association
  • 1990 National Recognition Award – US Martial Arts Association
  • 1990 Small Circle JUJITSU Certificate of Achievement – Professor Wally Jay
  • 1989 6th Degree Black Belt BUSHIDO Fighting Society under Robert Beal
  • 1989 Coach for World Championship Team U.S.A., 1st Place on August 13th, World Escrima Kali Arnis Federation – Cebu City, Philippines.
  • 1989 Aug Charter Member of W.E.K.A.F. (World Escrima, Kali, Arnis Federation)
  • 1988 Honorary President, North America World WING CHUN Association, offered by Grandmaster William Cheung
  • Nov 1988 Advanced Instructor Degree SERRADA ESCRIMA – Pangalawang Guro-Dalawang Grado 2nd Degree under the late Grandmaster Angel Cabales
  • 1987 Silver/Gold Glove Rank, Federation of Boxe Francaise SAVATE, Paris, France. Presented by founder Great Grandmaster Count Pierre Baruzy. This is the first and highest such promotion ever given outside of France.
  • 1987 Monitor teaching degree, Federation of Boxe Francaise SAVATE
  • 1987 President of American Boxe Francaise SAVATE Federation
  • 1987 Lakun Guro in PEKITI TIRSIA ARNIS Organization by Tuhon Leo Gaje, Jr., United States Kali Association International
  • 1985 4th Degree Black Belt JUDO – US Judo Association
  • 1984 THAI BOXING State Director for Chai Sirisute
  • 1983 1st Dan Black Belt Korean JUDO Federation
  • 1983 THAI BOXING instructor, 1st Level under Chai Sirisute, USA Thai Boxing Association
  • 1983 US Savate Team Assistant Coach, Paris, France
  • 1983 President, Professional PENCAK SILAT Association, offered by Eddie Jafri
  • 1983 President, Professional ARNIS Association, offered by Leo Gaje
  • 1982 Apprentice Instructor JUN FAN GUNG FU/KALI under Dan Inosanto and Richard Bustillo
  • 1982 Who’s Who in Karate
  • 1982 KALI and JEET KUNE DO State Director for Dan Inosanto
  • 1982 Nov Basic Instructor PENCAK SILAT under Pendekar Eddie Jafri
  • 1982 May Instructor Certificate PEKITI TIRSIA ARNIS under Leo Gaje, Jr.
  • 1982 Green Rank JEET KUNE DO under Larry Hartsell
  • 1980 Board of Directors & Instructor, Aspen Academy of Martial Arts, Aspen, Colorado
  • 1978 Trained in Wing Chun Do under James DeMile
  • 1977 Security Officers Basic Training, American Security Training Institute
  • 1975 Red Belt TAE KWON DO under Illinois Tae Kwon Do Association
  • 1974 American KARATE Association Black Belt Diploma
  • 1974 Bushido Karate Black Belt 1st Degree under Robert Beal
  • 1964-65 Illinois State Weightlifting Champion
  • 1963 Brown Belt in Judo
  • 1962 Member, National JUDO and KARATE Association of America
  • 1962 Student in good standing of Biyaku/Do/Karate/Kai
  • 1961 Member, Midwest Judo Club

Degerberg Academy Of Martial Arts on the Martial Arts Schools Directory.
Degerberg Academy Of Martial Arts on the Martial Arts Schools Directory.

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