Grand Master Chae T. Goh’s Moo Do

Grand Master Chae T. Goh's Moo Doo

Grand Master Chae T. Goh was a student and teacher of several martial arts in Japan, Korea and Vietnam before coming to the United states in 1972. His Moo Do style was build on Tae Kwon Do’s kicking foundation, but he expanded the techniques to include punching from karate and grappling and throws from Hapkido.

Moo Do focuses on street usable techniques and even though the forms are linear it teaches 45 degree angle evasion techniques and incorporates kicking-punching combinations and multiple-technique attacks for common sense self defense.

Breathing techniques and Chi-Focus techniques are also taught from the beginning of the Moo Do students training. As the student progresses, internal strength is increasingly emphasized and the techniques of fighting become much more subtle and take on a more Hapkido-like feel.

A Moo Do student’s training includes the use of the sword, staff and nunchaku as well as the practice of meditation which is based on ethics of the Hwarang Do. These ethics include loyalty to one’s nation and family, truthfulness, keeping one’s word, loving kindness towards one’s spouse, and the necessity of “justifying your means” when using force.