James Moclair 10th Dan Soke Shodai is a Professor of BuJutsu, (Japanese martial arts). He is a professional martial arts teacher and has been a professional since 1979. At this point of time he has been training in the martial arts for forty four years. James has an impressive career that has taken him around the world and has even been World Ju-Jutsu Demonstration Champion and Gold medallist representing England at the World Ju-Jutsu Games 1986.

Also in 1986 James Moclair took the British martial arts community by storm by also becoming the British Nunchacku Champion and even today he is still considered to be one of the finest nunchacku practitioners in the world. In addition, James’s skills with all other traditional Japanese weapons ise quite remarkable. If you visit Youtube online James has many video clips demonstrating his weapon and martial arts skills.

James Moclair’s current martial arts grades are, 10th Dan Ju-jutsu and this relates to”four different styles” of Ju-jutsu: Tai Jutsu, Goshin Jutsu, Atemi Jutsu and Kempo Jutsu.

He also holds additional grades as follow’s arts; 8th Dan Kempo Karate,
8th Dan Ko-Budo, 6th Dan Aiki-jutsu, 5th Dan Traditional Judo, 5thDan Combat Judo and Combat Ki Master. 5th Dan -Godan in the style of Senai Seisshinryu Shihandokai Karate-Do Jutsu. 8th Dan / Hachidan “Master” Shoshin Goshin Jutsu.

James has for many years been developing his own martial arts styles and these all come under the heading of Eikokyu-Ryu Tai Jutsu Renmei, The Ryu is broken down into Ju-Jutsu, Kempo Karate, Aiki-Jutsu, Ko-Budo Combat Judo and Combat Ki.

James is recognised as the founder of these systems by;

  • Bushi Kai International
  • The Guild of Professional Martial Arts
  • World Hombu Budo / Bugei Kokusai Renmie MMA-I
  • International Board of Black Belts
  • The World Organizer of Martial Arts INC. USA
  • WOMA International Council For Higher Martial Arts Science Edudcation INC, United
  • Sokeship Alliance International
  • Soke Menkyo Kai

Each of the above has also bestowed the title of;
Soke Shodai, First Generation Founder to James.

James is recognized as a “Grandmaster” by the International Board of Black Belts and the World Black Belt Council and “Honorable Grandmaster” by the International Grandmaster Committee & World Ambassador Council, International Council of Higher Martial Arts Education.

Over the years James has set up several martial arts organisations:

  • Founder and President of Bushi Kai International
  • Founder and President of The Guild of Professional Martial Artist’s
  • European Vice President to the Soke Menkyo Kai United Kingdom
  • Coordinator to the World Organisation of Self Defence
  • National Director (England) Seishinryoku Do Jujutsu International
  • N.V.Q Martial Arts Consortium Centre Head with Royal Society of Arts

James joined the ranks of the elite THE WORLD MARTIAL ARTS FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY and is recognized in the World Masters directory.

This indeed is an outstanding achievement and has only come about by years of dedication and hard work.

What is even more impressive that James spends over seventy six hours a week at his Dojo, (martial arts centre) where he teaches and keeps up his own martial arts practice. And if you think that is impressive let me tell you that he also does this seven days a week and rarely takes a day off.

James became an international author with the release of his first book:
A Breath of Fresh Air, Kempo Karate, Novice to Intermediate. This book has been received extremity well by the martial arts community and now he has just released the sequel, A Breath of Fresh Air, Kempo Karate, Intermediate to Advanced.

James is not one to sit still; he is already working on his third book which he feels is his most ambitious project to date as this book is about Ju-Jutsu.

Professor Moclair is married with two children and his wife is also a 2nd Dan in Ju-Jutsu and 1st Dan Karate.

To see James’s full linage and club and association details, please visit his web site.

James Moclair Website