Larry Lockhart Competition Champion

Dr. Larry Lockhart Sr. holds multiple ranking such as: 10th Degree/Hanshi, Founder of Hei Joshin Tamashii Do/Lo Jutsu Ryu (Sanctioned By The Universal Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Supreme Sokeship Council); 9th Degree in World Black Belt Living Legends ( By Grand Master Bob Wall – Founder); 8th Degree Grand Master in Moohapsool Hapkido (By Grand Master Jim McMurray); 8th Degree through the World Martial Arts Ranking Association (By Grand Master J. Pat Burleson – Founder); 5th Degree though the Texas Tae Kwon Do Association (By Grand Master Abel Villarreal – Founder). Dr. Larry Lockhart developed his love for the Art in Japan in 1965. Upon his return to the United States, he studied under Grand Master Attlee Chittum “Father of Texas Karate”, who sponsored Grand Master Jhoon Rhee into the United States and became one of his first five Black Belts in America. In addition, Dr. Lockhart also studied under Demetries Havannas, a Texas karate legend.

Dr. Larry Lockhart came upon the tournament competition scene and broke into the top ten Black Belts of America beginning in 1975. He held that position for a 15-year span until 1990. During this time period, he accomplished Robert Trias’ U.S.K.A. World Heavy Weight Title, two Karate Olympics Titles, winning the Joe Alvarado Tournament of Champions for five consecutive years. After garnishing Allen Stein’s U.S. Open – United States Karate Championships, Dr. Lockhart went on to win every major event Texas had to offer, including the following:

  • Undefeated Title Holder of the San Antonio Kick-Boxing Championships
  • Won the U.S.K.A. World Games in 1985
  • Won the George Minshew’s Karate Olympiks in 1980 and 1985
  • Won the Police Olympics in 1978
  • Won the Allen Stein’s United States Karate Championships
  • Won Joe Alvarado’s Tournament of Champions for five consecutive years
  • Won Oklahoma City Championships in 1982
  • Ranked in the “Top Ten Black Belts of America” from 1976 to 1986
  • Received “Special Invitation” to the 1999 World Games
  • 2000 TNT State Champion, Point Sparring

These accomplishments ultimately resulted in his nomination to the Texas Black Belt Hall of Fame. Dr.

Larry Lockhart retired with a 98% winning record, which included winning many of the same tournaments that karate legend Chuck Norris had won in Texas.

In 1998, Dr. Larry Lockhart came out of retirement and began teaching again. During this same year, he was awarded the Man of the Year Award, which stated, ” . . . For devoted and unselfish dedication to the Martial Arts. For your discipline and leadership as a positive role model. Your constant display of proficiency, discipline, respect, and honor shines among the best. Your contribution to society has been of the utmost highest. We salute you!”

Dr. Larry Lockhart’s additional community achievements include:

Award of Appreciation from Governor Ann Richards – 8/6/93

Award of Appreciation from Governor William P. Clements, Jr. – 7/17/90

Award of Appreciation from Mayor Henry Cisneros

Award of Appreciation from Mayor Lyla Cockrell

Member of the Board of Directors for the Alamo Branch Y.M.C.A.

Chairman of the A.A.U. (Amateur Athletic Union) Martial Arts Program

Co-Founder of Karate Kids “Say No to Drugs” with Eli Guerra

Volunteer Teacher for the San Antonio School of the Blind

Previous member of the Texas State Highway Patrol

Dr. Larry Lockhart currently owns and operates Karate Plus Martial Arts Personal Development Center at 1305 S.W. Loop 410, Marbach Exit 7 in Westlakes Village in San Antonio, Texas. He continues to pass on to his students the traditions of winning through superior attitude, superior techniques, and superior work ethics.

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