Martial Arts Definitions O

Martial Arts Definitions
O: “Big” or “great.”
Obi: Belt.
Obi-otoshi Belt drop
Odachi:: See “tachi.”
O-goshi: Major hip, hip technique
O-guruma: Major wheel. Judo foot technique.
Oi-zuki Step punch.
Okuri-ashi-harai: sending foot sweep, Judo foot technique.
Omote: “Front” or “obvious.”
Oni ken: Extended knuckle fist.
Orei: “Respect” or “etiquitte.” A expression of formal greeting in karate.
Orun: Right.
Osae-komi-waza: Hold down techniques.
Osu: a combination of two different kanji (Sino-Japanese characters). The verb ‘osu’ means to push shove, press, squash, compress or stamp, and ‘shinobu’ or “Nin” means “to bear, endure, resist, or put up with or to hide.
O sensei: “Great teacher.” The honorific prefix “o” attached the word sensei indicates respect and acknowledgement of the chief instructor of a system. Most commonly associated with Uyeshiba Morihei, founder of modern day Aikido.
O-soto-gaeshi: Major outer counter. Judo foot technique.
O-soto-guruma: Major outer wheel. Judo foot technique.
O-soto-otoshi: Major outer drop. Judo foot technique.
Otoshi: Drop.
O-uchi-gaeshi: Major inner counter. Judo foot technique.
O-soto-gari: Major outer reap. Judo foot technique.
O-uchi-gari: Major inner reap. Judo foot technique.