Michael Rhoades U.S. Director The Korea Hapkido Federation

Michael Rhoades KHF Appointment 2015

Michael Rhoades and Hapkido-USA Wentzville MO appointed U.S. Director of The Korea Hapkido Federation.

Michael Rhoades, Grandmaster Instructor of Jin Jung Kwan Hapkido-USA, Inc., received appointment as the U.S. Director of The Korea Hapkido Federation with his martial arts school designated as the U.S. Headquarters.

March 30, 2015ST. LOUIS — March 2015, Grandmaster Michael Rhoades, Wentzville, Missouri, was appointed as Director, U.S. Branch by President, Oh Se Lim of The Korea Hapkido Federation, Seoul, South Korea. The duties and responsibilities of Grandmaster Rhoades’ appointment are to promote and regulate traditional Korean Hapkido. The KHF is one of, if not the, oldest and largest international Hapkido organizations recognized by the Korean government. The KHF is the governing body of over 40 styles of hapkido.

Having graduated, from the Master’s Course held in Seoul, South Korea, as the first non-Korean ever in 2001, Grandmaster Rhoades’ history with The Korea Hapkido Federation is extensive.  Hapkido black belts throughout the U.S. now have an opportunity and a direct link to become an official member of The Korea Hapkido Federation.

Throughout the USA, one of Grandmaster Rhoades’ first responsibilities as director is to appoint six (6) regional directors to serve as points-of-contact for other Hapkidoans in their regions. The applications are being received and the opportunity remains open for professional, dedicated individuals who are ready to commit to the growth and success of The KHF and serve with honor.

Overseeing the testings for promotions within The Korea Hapkido Federation is a task that Grandmaster Rhoades is looking forward to. The KHF U.S. Branch will establish a registry to include all Hapkido certifications for verification purposes.

Serving as the United States Headquarters, Grandmaster Rhoades’ state-of-the-art facility, located at 600 W. Pearce Blvd, Wentzville, Missouri, is centrally located.  To schedule seminars, testings or for more information please contact koreahapkidofederation.us@gmail.com

There are only 6 regional Directors positions available and persons of interest should forward their bio and/or questions to koreahapkidofederation.us@gmail.com or mail to the Headquarters at: KHF-USA 600 W. Pearce Blvd. Wentzville, MO 63385. Please feel free to contact the United States Headquarters at (636) 327-5425 or visit the The Korea Hapkido Federation.