O’Sensei Montezuma Cantu received his Judan 10th Dan from IHHF on March 1, 2000, and from Nippon Goju Kai on January 1, 2000.

The Nippon Goju Kai has acknowledged O’Sensei Cantu, Judan, as Founder of IBBF, AJOKA, and “American Goju Kai & Chaeng Moo Kwan System”, Along with promotion to Judan and Honorary Member in USA.

O’Sensei Montezuma Cantu also received his Judan from WMAHFSC in December of 1999 along with many other appointments, nominations and promotions to include 7th Dan Amer Comb Aiki Jitsu, 9th Dan Hanshi Dai – Chaeng Moo Kwan, Korean (C Kim/Hong Sung Woo) Team USA Coach & Board of Dir., Swanton Ohio., Received Degrees from University of Texas, Columbia and Walden University.